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Welcome to the Mirtheil Software home page. On this page you'll find information regarding the products and services Mirtheil Software offers. Enjoy your stay.

DataXtraction 1.5.86 Released
Posted: mirtheil @ 25 April 2013 8:37am
This release fixes an issue where the export would stop if a table did not exist when exporting all tables.
An updated executable can be downloaded here or a full install can be downloaded here.
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DataXtraction 1.5.85 Released
Posted: mirtheil @ 26 September 2012 7:41am
This release fixes an issue where field names were always being included in the exported file. 
An updated executable can be downloaded here or a full install can be downloaded here.
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Insert LongVarChar using JDBC and PSQL
Posted: mirtheil @ 07 September 2012 11:46am
Recently, I was asked if the Pervasive PSQL JDBC driver could read and write to a LongVarChar field.  In my research, I found that it was possible and fairly easy using the setAsciiStreamfunction. 
First, make a connection to the database, for example:
[code]String url = "jdbc:pervasive://localhost:1583/DEMODATA";
Connection conn;
conn =  DriverManager.getConnection(url);[/code]
Once the connection is made, a statement needs to be prepared:
[code]PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO Article (Subject, Body) VALUES (?,?)");[/code]
Then set the values for each field:
[code]String subject = "Test of setAsciiStream() methods";
ps.setString(1, subject);
FileInputStream fis = null;
File file = new File("FileTest.txt");
fis = new FileInputStream(file);
ps.setAsciiStream(2, fis, (int) file.length());[/code]
Now, execute the Update:
[code]int count = ps.executeUpdate();[/code]
The contents of the FileTest.txt is now stored in the PSQL database. 
To read a LongVarChar field, execute a SELECT statement:
[code]Statement sta = conn.createStatement();
ResultSet res = sta.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Article" +" WHERE Subject = '"+subject+"'");
System.out.println("The inserted record: ");
System.out.println("   ID = "+res.getInt("ID"));
System.out.println("   Subject = "+res.getString("Subject"));
The LongVarChar field can be saved to a text file using the getAsciiStream function:
[code]stream = res.getAsciiStream("body");
File f = new File("out" + res.getInt("ID") + ".txt");
OutputStream out=new FileOutputStream(f);
byte buf[]=new byte[1024];
int len;
System.out.println("   Body saved as file: out" + res.getInt("ID") + ".txt");[/code]

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